Live Tv Software
Now Cable Operator can set any type of logo on screen. Live TV is used to display Logo, Banner Advertisement on Any Live Show, Game, or any Other TV Channel.
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Cable Software
Show Advertisement, Logo on any LIVE Source - Camera, SATELLITE Channel, DVD Player etc.
  • Software to run advertisement/logo on any Satellite channel or Video Signal
  • Allow to SET Flash/Swish advertisement
  • No need to store the DIGITAL DATA in PC, Also work with 10 GB Hard Disk
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective Solution for mini scale Cable Operator/Shopping Mall where advertisement/tile to show on LCD Screen, public places like Railway Station, Airport, Public Transport Stations etc.
Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM,
PCI Express slot in motherboard,
PCI Express TV Out Card (Geforce 8400 GS Sparkle),
500 GB or 1 TB Hard Disk + Internal TV Tuner Card with Audio in Facility (Pixelview / Pinnacle )
Easy Software Solution for
Shopping Mall, Airport, Hotels, Display Screen
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Pinnacle  TV Tuner Card
Chipset :
Conexanet Brodcast Dicoder
Note: Some tv tuner card does not support OVERLAY in such case transparency on live is not available.