Cable Software

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Put various information with easy menu access by Telephone.
Complete Billing solution for advertisers - Desktop base.
City Help Line / Information Channel Software
Advertisement Accounting Software
Complete Billing solution for advertisers - Web base.
Business Helper Software
Desktop base Customer Billing with any regional language in entry/printing.
Cable Accounting Software
Online Solution for MSO
Web based Cable SMS
As most of cable operator now days having control room in more then two cities, they want to arrange central complain and service center this is very useful to them. Its central complain management with proper hierarchy of staff wise, city wise, zone wise.

Run your 24 X 7 News Channel with Unlimited Breaking/News/ Logo, Live, PIP, Chroma etc.
Web based Complain CRM Software
News Tv Software
Complete Movie Channel Schedule Software for run any type of movie channel.
Movie Organizer Software
Software to Display Advertisement on Live Channel, Camera Signal, DVD Player.
Live Tv Software
SMS based Customer Song Choice Software.
Message Mania Software
Run your private Audio Channel with MP3 Songs. Attract more advertiser with low budget Yellow Page advertisement.
SMS based Customer Movie Selection & Play Software.
Personal FM Radio Software
Movie on Demand by SMS Software
Show Live Cricket Score Match By Match, Ball by Ball.
Cricket Fever Software
Customer Dial Phone and Select Song Channel Software.
Video on Demand by Phone Software
SMS Poll for Election, Game Show, or Quiz Show software.
Voting Poll Software
Stop using Remote control & Show Live running channels.
Preview Channel Software - PIP Software
Customer Wish SMS Message with Text Filter.
SMS Chat Software
Digital Complain Recorder cable operator doesn't required any operator to handle complain.
Digital Complain Recorder Software