Movie Organizer 8.0 Software
Most of Cable Operators displays 3/5 movies per day.  For that currently they are using VCD Player or VCR. This way they display their private movie channel. In which Cable Operator set particular movies at particular time. There are many drawbacks using such devices. They have to keep one person busy to handle these devices. Operator has to change the CD's or Videotape when particular movie completed. Problems also arise when movie is running and light goes off. When power come back operator has to search the movie position and then track it to manually. The best solution is to start Movie Channel using PC.

Movie Organizer developed by Aplomb Technology is the industry recognized software use state of the art technologies, understanding the uniqueness of Cable Operator, Market & Business viability.
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Cable Software
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Already Movie Organizer 9.0 Launched. want upgrade ?
Play, Forward, Reverse, Pause, Movie Easily
Exclusive Option for Screen Resize, Movement
  • Software has attractive look out & smart and easy operating.
  • Scala / Flash support in banner advertisement.
  • Start Movie on specified date & time. Such facility allows operator to store movies once in hard disk and then set timetable and run channel without any interruption.
  • Auto Play/Timebase Video Songs/Fillers facility.
  • Special facility to handle NEWS CD without copy into Hard Disk.
  • Start Movie on Specified Date & Time. Such facility allows operator to store 40/50 Movies once in HDD and then set timetable and run channel without any interruption.
  • Software Support Dual View System. Operator can run channel and do other work from The same PC likes making new/edit advertisement etc.
  • Exclusive Remote Control Panel to Forward, Reverse, Stop, Play running movie.
  • Emergency message facility during the running channel.
  • Software supports Channel Logo, Date & Timebase Sponsor Logo, and Movie/Song Specific Logo.
  • Online during the running movie Screen Adjustment/Position setting facility.
  • Timebase Full Screen/Spot advertisement facility.
  • Display Automatically Today/Tomorrow movie trailor.
  • Allow to Play Full Screen Advertisement during the Movie at specified time.
  • Allow to set sequence of Full Screen Advertisement Ex. There are four full screen advertisements at 12:30, and then you can set which advertisement displayed first or which displayed last.
  • Allow to play Video Songs between two Movies.
  • Allow to Set Bahamans/Any Other Audio/Video files when the Channel Start first time during the day.
  • Security against Power Failure. Movie Start from the point of halt.
  • Auto Song Play between two Movies.
  • Allow Repetition of Movie without any extra HDD Space.
  • vcd, mpeg2, mpeg4, avi , DVD, Divx, mkv, m2ts, m2p Video Support.
  • Flash, Dat, Mpeg,mpeg2, dvd, avi format support for Full Screen Advertisement.
  • NETWORK VERSION allows customer to update Movie, Song, and timetable through ANOTHER COMPUTER AND without disturbing running channel.
Window Vista
Window 7
Window Xp
News TV / Movie Organizer 9.0
Screen Adjust
Core 2 Duo
PCI Express slot in motherboard,
PCI Express TV Out Card, 500 GB or 1 TB Hard Disk