News TV / Movie Organizer 9.0 Software
CATV Industry milestone Playout software Movie Organizer developed by Aplomb Technology is updated and available with features with vision of next generation customers. New update gives you experience of broadcast quality graphics. Update available with Chroma and 4 Cameras Input. Advance Water Marking Facility available. You can put your own text of photo as watermark.
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Cable Software

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Trailor Design
  • Design your own movie coming up Today / Tomorrow Trailor with your own graphics and text.
  • Photograph setting for Movie with Font, Animated Photo etc.
Exclusive Weather Display
  • Exclusive weather display Sunrise, Sunset and many more.
  • Special Graphical Version to Display Weather.
Unlimited Logo
  • Special effect on logo during full screen advertisement played and returns to running program. You can also set your channel Logo day wise. Different Logo for different Days.
Graphics Like 9x Channel
  • Video skin - rich on air loc provided by exclusive features like: Adjust Video Screen with Running Graphics Like 9x Channel your video is going to run between Upper side & Bottom side Graphics to give channel exclusive look. With on demand start, It has automatic stop facility so no operator required after starting it to stop and start on regular mode.
Channel Play Log
  • Comparison of Actual Time Table against the played Videos.
  • Fault Search
  • Verify System Accuracy
Category wise Advt. Setting
  • For Prime Time you can set different time slot of advertisement.
  • Set Sequence of Advertisement Up / Down, in whatever way you enter the advertisement, you can adjust the display position of advertisement.
Exclusive Method to Play Song
  • You can play song day wise with different time format. Ex. Saibaba's Song / Bhakti songs between 6.00 to 8.30 for Monday. Ex. Baba Ramdev Program between 6.00 to 8.30 for Tuesday.
Time & Slot
  • You can create unlimited time for Advertisement, Movie, Song, Trailor etc.
  • You can create different time slot for week days and week end. Ex. You can show movie on regular day.
No Black Video
  • No Black between two video.
Any Resolution Support
  • Ex. 1024 x 768  or  1152 x 864  or 1280 x 720  or  1440 x 900 or any that you want to set according to your requirement.
Live Using 4 Cameras
  • 4 Camera in facility on Software. You can design your own look and feel for different camera screen position with easy drag and drop features.
  • Easy Control Panel for different Live Task.
  • Facility to Capture and save live Incoming video on local Computer (*condition apply)
Special Logo Effect
  • You can set different logo with animation like Star Plus where logo animation is played after full screen advertisement.
Day wise & Time base Advt.
  • If you are using Flash Advt. then you can also play Flash Advt. Day wise. Ex. Play any particular Advertisement for Monday, Tuesday & Friday only.
Auto Start Advertisement
  • If you are using Flash Advt. and Software Close in between then software automatically start advertisement from which it stopped. It could allow stopping repeating the same advertisement after software re-started.
Score Display
  • Manage Local Cricket Match with attractive option like Logo for Four, Six, Zero Out etc. Also possible to set advertiser Logo in between Match Score.
L Shape Advertise Support
  • Advance option gives for that, not only L Shape but also many other shape advt. supported. Auto Stop Facility on time base, so no need to remain operator there. We put exclusive Facility to design any shape advt. on screen. Ex. L shape, Round Shape, Square Shape, Horizontal Vertical etc…
Picture in Picture
  • PIP - Movie with Live with Picture in Picture for any satellite channel / camera.
Free Network Version
  • Free network version to update running program.
Easy to Use
  • Complete software has facility of Easy Drag & Drop, so without worry of any keyboard shortcut. You can easily do your work.
: Core 2 Duo
: 4 GB
: Intel / Asus
: 500 GB & More
TV Out Card
Mother Board
Hard Disk